Projects in South Africa - Twilight Children

Click on the images below to view photographs of when 21st Century Leaders consultant Yana Fleming, visited Twilight Children and several other Trade plus Aid programmes in South Africa.


Twilight Children has been established to provide support, in the widest sense, to children who are living on the streets and other public places without adequate or apparent adult or family support. They do not wish to restrict our operation to a particular race or sex, age group or area. Their focus is to deliver quality support structure, for boys aged 8 – 18 years who have been found in major urban and inner city areas and that will continue to be our major focus of attention.


Feeding the Homeless in the Community

The boys bake shop is self sustaining as they now sell sliced bread and treats to the community. With the funds raised through Whatever It Takes sales in Doha they were able to purchase a bread slicer, uniforms, flour and meal. 


Photography courtesy of Yana Fleming.