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Woodland Trust

Regions: UK

Category: Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity Combating Climate Change

Total Raised: $97

How have we helped?

In 2011 21st Century Leaders donated its air miles points to The Woodland Trust worth $97.

About Woodland Trust


The Woodland Trust want to see a country rich in native woods and trees enjoyed and valued by everyone.


1. Work with others to plant more native trees…

The Woodland Trust have set up many different support schemes to help people plant trees. They have inspired millions of children and thousands of community groups to plant trees to enhance their local area. They are planting Britain’s largest new native forest just a stone's throw from London

2. Protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future…

The Woodland Trust campaign to protect woodland and trees under threat. They have helped to save hundreds of woods by lobbying governments and councils. They’re fighting to replace non-native conifers planted in ancient forests with native trees. With your help they’ve located more than 41,000 ancient trees so they can help protect them.