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The Aspinall Foundation

Regions: UK

Category: Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity

Total Raised: $78

How have we helped? 


In 2013 21st Century Leaders sponsored Julie Verne, head of partnerships at the Aspinall Foundation, to parachute jump from an aeroplane to raise awareness and funding to save the beautiful and majestic Gibbon from extinction.



About The Aspinall Foundation


The Aspinall Foundation (formerly The John Aspinall Foundation) is a British charity which works to promote wildlife conservation. It was set up by zoo owner John Aspinall in 1984 and runs the two zoos he set up, Port Lympne Reserve and Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England. It also supports a number of conservation projects overseas to protect endangered species. The charity is now run by John's son, Damian Aspinall.

In addition to running the zoos, which breed rare and endangered animals, the Foundation campaigns on a range of wildlife issues, such as opposing Chinese moves to relax the rules regarding the trade in products made from tigers. The twin zoos are currently home to 14 Indian, Siberian and Sumatran tigers. The Foundation set up a project for gorillas orphaned by bush meat poachers in the Republic of Congo in the late 1980s and in 1998, set up an orphan gorilla project in the neighbouring state of Gabon. It also supports the 'Project Protection des Gorilles Gabon' which is based in Franceville in Gabon and seeks to reintroduce gorillas in the Plateau Bateke National Park.In 2013 the foundation launched a programme to breed Scottish wildcats, with plans to create a breeding centre on the island of Càrna, off the west coast of Scotland.