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Martlets Hospice

Regions: UK

Category: Health

Total Raised: $81

How have we helped?

In 2012 21st Century Leaders sponsored former consultant James Davies who ran the Brighton Marathon. Our donation went directly to help support The Martlets Hospice.

About Martlets Hospice

The hospice plays a vital role in helping people to live life as fully as they can, right up until the end. Through expert clinical care provided by highly skilled and experienced Doctors and Nurses, they ensure that wherever possible peace, respect and dignity is retained – it is a very simple and very human ethos.

The Martlets Hospice care for people across the local community, yet the Hospice is not part of the NHS. They must generate over £4.3 million annually to ensure the continuation of Hospice services. Less than a third of this funding is received from local Primary Care Trust. The help and financial support from individuals and community groups is essential for them to continue providing these vital hospice services.