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The Special Yoga Centre

Regions: UK

Category: Children Health

Total Raised: $46

How have we helped?

In 2010 21st Century Leaders sponsored Drew Lawson who took part in the The YogaThon and did 108 Sun Salutations in a row at The Yoga Show on 30th October 2010, to raise money for The Special Yoga Centre.

About The Special Yoga Centre

The Special Yoga Centre (SYC) is a registered charity supporting children with special needs through one-to-one yoga therapy, outreach work in schools, group classes and parent support groups.

The foundation block of the centre’s philosophy is one of inclusion. A place where everyone can come together regardless of age, ability, religion or ethnicity and enjoy the practice of yoga.

They are also a Centre of Excellence for children’s yoga teacher trainings, including courses specifically tailored for working with children with special needs.