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Survivors Fund (SURF)

Regions: Rwanda

Category: Post Conflict Relief

Total Raised: $1,401

How have we helped?

Supported by Whatever It Takes at the 21st Century Leaders Awards held in October 2009.

About Survivors Fund

Since 1997, Survivors Fund has helped survivors of the Rwandan genocide deal with and recover from the tragedies of 1994, supporting a wide range of services for victims in Rwanda, and assisting survivors in the UK.

Funded by a variety of organisations and individuals, SURF acts as a channel to distribute financial assistance to groups, individuals and charitable organisations in the day-to-day operations of bringing the people of Rwanda hope, safety, and a decent standard of living.

A veteran in dealing with the issues affecting the survivors, SURF holds the belief that support must address the host of difficulties and issues facing victims. Any one angle of assistance on its own be it medical, economic or social would be an incomplete answer. SURF provides an appropriate and integrated response to the needs of Rwandan survivors by supporting numerous projects geared at confronting the diversity of their needs.