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Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Regions: UK

Category: Children Health

Total Raised: $97

How have we helped?

In 2011 21st Century Leaders donated its air miles points to Rainbow Trust Children's Charity worth $97.

About Rainbow Trust


Rainbow Trust Children's Charity provides emotional and practical support for families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Philosophy of care

Rainbow Trust is committed to providing the best care and service to all families referred for support. The staff at Rainbow Trust respect each family’s values, needs, resources and strengths. They aim to develop a strong working partnership with families. Families can receive the support they provide in their home and in the local community, through a dedicated Family Support Worker.

In order to ensure that Rainbow Trust provides the highest standard of family care, they adhere to their philosophy of care which guides our practice. The following statement describes the philosophy that  underpins this commitment and describes the components of their family-led service:

Commitment and support

Rainbow Trust are committed to providing a family centered service which is flexible, responding to the changing needs of families. Should a family become bereaved we will continue to support them for as long as they need us.

Working in partnership

Rainbow Trust work in partnership with families to empower them to retain control in times of uncertainty, while acknowledging their right to privacy and choice. In order to provide a seamless service they work in partnership with other agencies.


Children and their families are respected and valued as individuals. We are committed to the promotion of equality for all. Rainbow Trust respect and value different cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs and acknowledge the diversity of all people.