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Quirimbas National Park

Regions: Mozambique

Category: Children Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity

Tags: Quirimbas National Park

Total Raised: $15,986

How have we helped?

21st Century Leaders Ltd. funded costs of a Northern Mozambique School for Girls fundraising film by Yana Fleming, which cost $13,186. Click here for video documenting the journey.

The film lead to 3rd party funding from HH Sheikha Hanadi Al Thani for an awareness raising hard back book called Os Fihos das Quirimbas (Children of Quirimbas) & a soft back small format book of the same name both featuring photographs by Sara Mohammad Al Shamlan, joint winner of the Unsung Hero Award at the 21st Century Leaders Award in Oct 2009. Click here to preview and purchase the small format book.

3 Laptops & 2 blackberrys were also purchased with $2800 funds raised through the sale of WIT products in Qatar with the W Hotel Doha & Marriot Hotel Doha from Dec 2008 till Jun 2010.

About Quirimbas National Park

The Quirimbas National Park (QNP) is a protected area and world biodiversity hotspot in the Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique, encompassing the southern part of the Quirimbas Islands.

It was established, “to conserve the diversity, abundance, and ecological integrity of all physical and biological resources in the park area, so that they may be enjoyed and used productively by present and future generations”.

The park protects 750,639 hectares (1,854,870 acres) of coastal forest, mangroves and coral reefs. The region was isolated for decades during the Mozambique civil war. On land, there are healthy populations of elephants, lions, leopards, crocodiles and even wild dog. Habitats include mountains, forests, woodland, savannah, mangroves, beaches, coral reefs and sea grass beds. The park contains a rich variety of marine life including sea turtles, dugongs and many species of fish. Three hundred and seventy-five species of fish have been identified, including threatened pipefish and seahorses.