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Trade plus Aid South Africa

Regions: South Africa

Category: Poverty Alleviation Health Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity Combating Climate Change

Tags: Whatever It Takes

Total Raised: $587,937

How have we helped?

In 2011, $14,292 was raised by 21st Century Leaders, from the sale of Whatever It Takes products. With this donation 21st Century Leaders helped Trade plus Aid South Africa to pay its office overheads at a time when cash flows from the biogas programmes meant that funds were needed for covering office overheads.

Grants paid out by 3rd parties

In March 2008, 21st Century Leaders started setting up and coordinating the road show, through which Matthew Hayden CEO of Trade plus Aid South Africa found the financing and funding to start the Trade plus Aid biogas programmes. Funding with this third party was contractually agreed by February 2009. The roadshow raised the seed investment of €320,000 to initiate this green fields project.

In 2011, Tim Blakemore kindly donated £216.82 to Trade plus Aid South Africa on a fundraising platform introduced by Trade plus Aid UK.  

21st Century Leaders also donated its allocation for pro-bono from top London leading law firm

Hogan Lovells to Trade plus Aid South Africa to ensure it had adequate environment law support to write its first ERPA contract. Hogan Lovells subsequently donated over £105,000 in pro bono legal support from its environmental law specialist team.

About Trade plus Aid South

Charlotte di Vita founded Trade plus Aid in 1990 to alleviate poverty in developing countries by means of job creation, capacity building, and skills development through entrepreneurial innovation.

Trade plus Aid Africa South Africa now instigates innovative carbon livelihood programmes under the leadership of Matthew Hayden which bring income to rural communities and help reduce carbon emissions to alleviate global warming.

The primary environmental programme is a roll-out of bio-digesters in rural areas of Southern Africa, providing a simple to operate, sustainable alternative energy source with a low carbon footprint. This technology saves money, helps prevent deforestation, improves health and hygiene, and decreases pollution of local water sources whilst generating self-sufficient and sustainable income for social development programmes.

*Trade plus Aid South Africa is a charitable brand name owned by Trade plus Aid in the UK and operates under license for use of this brand name.