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North Walsham Live Aid

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Total Raised: $242

How have we helped?

Auction prizes on display

In 2013 21st Century Leaders supported North Walsham Live Aid by donating auction prizes for their event. Items auctioned at the event on 6th April 2013 included a ring with artwork donated by Ozzy Osbourne, a ring by Lemmy Kilminster of Motorhead, a T shirt by OzzyOsbourne, a T shirt by Sir Paul McCartney, T-shirt and tote by Ronnie Wood and a Slash bag adding over £160.00 to the total raised on the night which were donated to the charity Nelson’s Journey.

About Nelson’s Journey

Nelson’s Journey was founded by a group of social workers who recognised the importance of support for children suffering a bereavement. The group established Nelson’s Journey in November 1997, to help bereaved children and young people throughout Norfolk deal with the anger, distress and confusion of losing a loved one.

The name Nelson’s Journey was chosen to inspire the two main aspects of the charity – they are local, hence the use of Norfolk’s own Admiral Nelson, and ‘Journey’ was chosen as bereavement is a journey which begins the minute your loved one dies and lasts a lifetime.

The work that the group began all those years ago continues and Nelson’s Journey has gone on to grow year-on-year.

About North Walsham Live Aid

North Walsham Live Aid was formed in 1985 following the massive success of the Wembley event It was organised by Barry Holden, Gerald Turner, Rod Palmer and Darren Turner and was supported by The 3rd World Centre in Norwich.

The aim was to purchase two Bedford trucks, fill them with aid and send them to Eritrea where the famine was worst. To raise the £8,000 needed a rock concert was organised at the community centre in North Walsham with 10 bands playing for free and a memorabilia auction with items donated by many stars.

The concert was a huge success and was followed by a further outdoor concert raising in total over the two events around £10.000. Following the event they received a letter from Bob Geldof saying that their gig was the most successful spin off event, by comparison with the Wembley Gig in the country.

The NWLA group went on to organise the local participation in the "Run The World "appeal with hundreds of runners taking part.