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Melissa Cosgrove Children's Foundation

Regions: Thailand

Category: Children Education Poverty Alleviation

Total Raised: $652

How have we helped?

21st Century Leaders donated $587 towards 21st Century Leader’s volunteer, Yana Fleming’s, flight to Thailand. Whilst in Thailand with Tracey Cosgrove, Founder of the Melissa Cosgrove Foundation Yana raised 2,000 Thai Bhat for the Melissa Cosgrove Foundation. Yana has since helped set up a charitable partnership, linking Golden Glory Pattaya with the Melissa Cosgrove Foundation. Golden Glory Pattaya is proud to support The Melissa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation and opens the center twice a month to the children for training. Yana also kindly redesigned the Melissa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation website on a voluntary basis

About the Melissa Cosgrove Children's Foundation

The Melissa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2003 by award winning fundraising guru Tracy Cosgrove and has given hope to thousands of youngsters in Thailand and Myanmar through the Melissa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation, which she set up after seeing at first hand the terrible conditions in which many are forced to live.

Her transforming work in orphanages, street children’s projects, and for Aids and disabled youngsters, has received international recognition – and inspired hundreds of people who have been touched by her courageous story.

Now based in Pattaya, Thailand the MCCF team is working alongside the booming construction industry to continue giving hope and improving the lives of children living with their parents in the many squalid labour camps around the cities of Pattaya, Bangkok and in Myanmar.