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Dreams Can Be

Regions: Brazil

Category: Children Poverty Alleviation

Tags: Paddy Boom - Scissor Sisters

Total Raised: $849

How have we helped?

The funds were raised by 21st Century Leaders, from the sale of Whatever It Takes products.

Funds raised by 21st Century Leaders went towards the costs of the capacity building workshops for 15 project participants. Funding for this project means that the money raised from Whatever It Takes products have a legacy. Giving these projects the tools to become self sustaining will assure that their work has a quantifiable impact on their communities.

About Dreams Can Be Foundation (DCBF)

Dreams Can Be Foundation (DCBF) is a Brazilian NGO dedicated to aiding street children and impoverished youth in Brazil.

They work in partnership with local organizations and NGO’s to provide: education, moral and social development, humanitarian relief and the offering of opportunities where there were none before.

They support programmes, projects and NGO’s both small and large that work directly with children in the most-needy urban communities in Brazil. They work in partnership with grassroots organizations and community-based groups to improve processes, to promote and facilitate collaboration with peers to effect systemic change, and to promote stability within their individual organizations.

They work with programs offering street children and impoverished youth activities that teach discipline as well as provide opportunities for peer-interaction, increased self-awareness and the cultivation of self-esteem. These are life skills which will aid them in becoming responsible and happy citizens. DCBF are committed to creating change in the area of individual philanthropy in Brazil. Through this commitment they aim to raise awareness of the value and abilities of children from low-income communities by removing existing barriers in order to offer them better education and advocacy on their behalf.