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Charities Advisory Trust

Regions: Ghana India Kenya Malawi Somalia Sudan Tanzania Uganda South Sudan

Category: Education Poverty Alleviation Health Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity Sanitation & Clean Water

Total Raised: $15,244

How have we helped?

Supported by Whatever It Takes at the 21st Century Leaders Awards held in October 2009.

In December 2012 21st Century Leaders also bought the following good gifts on behalf of Mike Shin who donated $102.23 to the charity.

• Toy for a child who would otherwise get nothing
• Textbooks
• Protect Children’s Feet
• School Uniform
• 3 fine chickens for an African war widow
• Tools
• Vegetable Seeds
• 50 bowls of rice
• Clean water for a school in Africa
• An eye test and glasses for a child in Africa
• Malaria net

In February 2013 21st Century Leaders also bought “Trysting Trees” and CAT planted a pair of beech trees in the UK woodland to help combat global warming.

In March 2013 21st Century Leaders also bought “a meadow of flowers” to help create a playground for bees and butterflies.

In May 2014, the inaugural Whatever It Takes Golf Tournament was held by our German master licensee in Öschberghof allowing 21st Century Leaders to raise the funds to purchase clean water for 40 schools in Bangladesh.In addition 21st Century Leaders was also able to purchase toiletry sets for 571 school girls in Africa.


• In August 2017 21st Century Leaders funded a years schooling for 3 children in South Sudan.


About Charities Advisory Trust

The Charities Advisory Trust is dedicated to finding practical methods of redressing inequalities and injustice. It is an innovative organisation that pioneers new ways of ways raising money and helps hundreds of different charities throughout the year.

CAT runs a number of operations including:

Good Gifts Catalogue: in autumn 2003, CAT launched the Good Gifts Catalogue, a radical concept in giving, employing charitable donations to buy imaginative gifts like 'goats for peace' and acres of threatened rain forest. The soaring success of the idea has not only generated many millions of pounds, but also a slew of imitations. However, Good Gifts remains the catalogue committed to the principle of actually buying the gifts stated, rather than using the income for general purposes.