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21st Century Leaders Girls Scholarship Fund

Regions: Mozambique

Category: Children Education Poverty Alleviation Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity

Total Raised: $10,000

How have we helped?

Grants paid out by 3rd parties
$10,000 promised by HE Sheikha Hanadi Al Thani for 21st Century Leaders consultant Yana Fleming’s Girls Scholarship Fund in Mozambique, after attending the 21st Century Leaders Awards and also seeing the film on Northern Mozambique kindly organised by Yana Fleming working on a pro bono basis with related travel, film and editing costs of $13,186, funded by 21st Century Leaders.

About 21st Century Leaders Girls Scholarship Fund

This programme educates girls in the Quirimbas National Park, Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique, the poorest Islamic community in the world, according to The Aga Khan Foundation. These young girls are conscious of environmental, social and health issues directly affecting their lives and the lives of their families, villages and the larger community. The girls hope to become engaged members of society prepared to face the future challenges of their generation.

The activities will help develop a generation of well-educated young women and will equip them with the intellectual and practical skills and training required to:

• Combat degradation and over-exploitation of their own environment;
• Understand and communicate with people outside of their own communities;
• Improve their livelihoods
• Support local communities to move towards sustainable long term economic growth and natural resource management and use.

The Current Educational Landscape

Family incomes in the Qurimbas National Park region, the poorest community in the world according to The Aga Khan Foundation ranges from $80 to $150 a year and within the area there are only a very few children who continue their education beyond 10 years old.

Despite the fact that both sexes tend to drop out before completing primary education, the situation is particularly bad for girls, who go from being nearly half the pupils in grade one to less than a quarter by grade 12. This is partially because within the region there are only ten schools which continue to grade 8 and only two which continue on to grade 10. As there are very few schools, children have to trek for education to the schools in the larger villages, which requires children from the interior of the Park to relocate or travel long distances daily to attend school.

Equipment for schools, furniture, books, computers, as well as staff is lacking. Many classes have up to 80 pupils per teacher, far more than the proposed class size of 50 to one teacher, which is still a very high ratio.

Please click here to see a short video above documenting the journey to visit these communities in Mozambique.