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21st Century Leaders Foundation

Regions: Mozambique UK

Category: Education Poverty Alleviation Health Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity Sanitation & Clean Water Combating Climate Change Improving Working Conditions

Total Raised: $763,710

How have we helped?
A whale in Mozambique
21st Century Leaders made a donation of $763,710 to 21st Century Leaders Foundation, held in a restricted fund to be used for the sole purposes of financing a sustainable development project in Capo Delgado in Northern Mozambique.  


 About 21st Century Leaders Foundation

The Project

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, with the vast majority of the population living on less than US$1.25 a day. Despite encouraging development progress in recent years, many still lack access to basic services such safe water, 

health facilities and schools, with isolated  rural  coastal areas suffering the most. Northern Mozambique, particularly the Quirimbas National Park, encompasses some of the most significant and endangered habitats and wildlife in the western Indian Ocean, with over 180 species of unbleached coral and over 400 species of reef fish.


The Project, which the funds will be supporting, encompasses a holistic, community driven approach to planning and implementing sustainable economic and socio-environmental business models with rural communities in the Quirimbas National Park, Northern Mozambique, including Vamizi Island. The goal is to coordinate the establishment of regional sustainable development programmes driven by community engagement- with a view to poverty alleviation and regenerative environmental   stewardship,

with field implementation work expected to start in 2018.


The main initiatives are likely to cover:


Development of sustainable rural/agricultural enterprise and livelihoods

Expected to cover:

  • Skills training including in relation to financing issues, and support for local social enterprises/cooperatives; and 
  • Skills development and support for sustainable agriculture, food enterprise and associated infrastructure for local and export market access. 
Clean Energy Generation

Expected to cover:

  • Bio-char, biogas digestion, wind power generation, micro turbines, and solar power for rural lighting and refrigeration;
    • Waste to energy recycling; and
    • Improved cooking stoves.
Water Sanitation and Health

Expected to cover:

  • Clean water production, and delivery of clean water projects in the provincial capital of Pemba and the surrounding rural districts;
  • Health and public health education including on topics of auto- immune diseases, malaria, and maternal health and nutrition
Environmental Management 

With a population who depend disproportionately on the environment for their livelihoods, and an environment that contains an array of significant and endangered habitats, biodiversity and wildlife, environmental protection and stewardship is paramount for the project.

As such, the project is expected to cover:

  • Community mobilisation to support forest protection from illegal logging and charcoal production, slash

and burn activities, plant life conservation, and forest landscape restoration;

  • The creation of alternative livelihoods which do not depend on environmental usage;
  • The promotion of anti-poaching activities, and human vs. elephant conflict resolution;
  • Marine and wildlife conservation;
    • Conducting research and other activities linked with the preservation of Capo Delgado and Quirimbas National Park, including turtle monitoring, reporting of illegal industrial long line fishing, and clearing reefs and rural districts of invasive species in the provincial capital of Pemba and surrounding rural districts; and
    • Organising activities linked with the implementation of park management plans of Quirimbas National Park, including surveillance patrols, monitoring key species and habitats, and implementation of biodiversity friendly activities.


 Supported in 2016 I  Total donated = $763,710