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Pro Natura International

Regions: Mozambique Egypt France

Category: Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity Combating Climate Change

Tags: Whatever It Takes

Total Raised: $61,903

How have we helped?

$18,896 has been raised by 21st Century Leaders, from the sale of Whatever It Takes products.

Grants paid out by 3rd parties

Subsequent to an introduction by 21st Century Leaders between Rawya Mansour and Pro Natura International, Pro Natura received a grant of €30,000, to fund a short feasibility study about the introduction of biochar in Egypt

About Pro Natura International

Pro Natura is tackling the social, economic and environmental problems that face rural communities in the Developing World. The aim is to provide viable economic alternatives to those people struggling to make a living from environments in peril.

This is achieved by building local capacity and establishing participative governance, so that the preservation and restoration of natural resources can be linked to local economic success.

Delivering sustainability is a complex challenge and Pro-Natura’s strength lies in the network of in-house and 3rd party experts it can deploy to build the local capacity needed to implement integrated solutions. The network is backed up by an experienced executive management team and a world-class Advisory Board.

Services offered

• Community and local government development
• Training programs to promote, facilitate & strengthen participatory community development
• Sustainable farming, agro-forestry & sustainable forestry techniques
• Fighting against malnutrition
• Fostering of small & medium sized enterprises and markets
• Cross-border conservation area planning and implementation
• Environmental, social and human impact assessment for investments
• Exploration of forest canopies & biodiversity preservation
• Biomass energy assessment and projects (green-charcoal)

Local Nursery for the Quirimbas Region of Mozambique

Pro Natura International committed to supporting the Quirimbas National Park Development and Establishment Programme (DEP) with a 5 year programme of local capacity-building and agro-forestry/reforestation, aimed at providing an economic stimulus for the local communities that inhabit the buffer zones of the Park, through the generation of carbon credits and the production of diversified forest products.

The process included a field-based feasibility study which, over a period of 4 months, mapped out the needs of and opportunities for the local stakeholders, culminating in the production of a sustainable strategy business plan paid for by 21st Century Leaders and donated to WWF Mozambique.

Ramsco & Ramsco for Sustainable Charity Foundation

Ramsco’s mission is to create “zero waste” eco-villages communities in the desert. Thus, Ramsco provides cost efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly agriculture technologies through contract farming. Ramsco modified these technologies, coming from Pro Natura International based in France that decrease land, water and carbon foot print, to produce organic valuable crops with less water and more produce. The projects participate to political stability through food security with quality assurance and more job opportunities.