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Green Abu Dhabi

Regions: UAE

Category: Conservation & Protecting Biodiversity Combating Climate Change Music & Art

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Total Raised: $857

How have we helped?

Items donated by Whatever It Takes were sold at Lulu Khalidiya Mall in Abu Dhabi, in order to help Green Abu Dhabi raise money to preserve the cities mangroves.

About Green Abu Dhabi

Green Abu Dhabi was created in 2010, to involve the Abu Dhabi community through various partnerships and events to save Abu Dhabi’s mangroves, one mangrove, and person at a time.  Started by Suhail Jashanmal, a local artist that was just frustrated at the lack of government regulation and empathy within the local population towards the mangroves within the city, he decided to take things into his own hands.  By first convincing himself to “clean up” by himself he then quickly realised if there were only 50 more people like him helping a whole mangrove could be clean in no time at all.  This realisation drove him to then reach out and activate others in his network to help solve the problem.

Today Green Abu Dhabi has blossomed into a loosely knit group of 30+ companies and thousands of people who all want to see a similar goal achieved.  They want to save Abu Dhabi's mangroves and raise awareness on how simple littering damages the whole ecosystem.  And they hope to achieve this goal, by simply activating more and more people who wish to add their own unique set of assets to help clean up Abu Dhabi's mangroves in the light of the press.

Currently Green Abu Dhabi raised over 300,000 AED through Art exhibitions and community events and continues to raise more to keep its program alive.  The program is designed to raise money so that each year, one particular mangrove in the city is kept clean all year long, through monthly cleanups funded entirely by the general population and sponsored by the corporate community.  By bringing both the public and the corporate communities together on this issue consistently and with the help of the press, Green Abu Dhabi strongly believes greater awareness will be built about the plight of the cities mangroves and eventually the problem of excessive littering in the mangroves will gradually be solved.