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Elton John Aids Foundation

Regions: South Africa

Category: Children Health

Total Raised: $73,022

How have we helped?

Grants paid out by 3rd parties

In August 2005, 21st Century Leaders funded its music consultant Will Moore, to organise a special charity concert by the Scissor Sisters. This concert raised £42,000 and the funds were donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation.

21st Century Leaders has specifically funded programmes in South Africa, helping deliver better healthcare, food and education opportunities to 70,000 children, as well as providing them with the psychosocial support they need to cope with the trauma around them. Supporting children also means supporting their families: that’s why EJAF also helps find sustainable sources of income for those caring for orphaned or vulnerable children.

EJAF is building on a decade of its support for palliative and home based care before AIDS drugs were available to now scale up antiretroviral treatment for adults and children at provincial level.  Young women are the most at-risk for acquiring HIV, so finding ways to lessen their vulnerability to the disease is another focus of EJAF funding in South Africa, as is supporting services targeting the most vulnerable communities.

About the Elton John Aids Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation in the UK has funded over 1,100 projects worldwide with grants totaling more than £40 million. We are the largest HIV/AIDS grant maker in the UK and one of the 20 largest international AIDS charities.

Their mission is to empower people infected, affected and at risk of HIV/AIDS; to alleviate their physical, emotional and financial hardship, enabling them to improve their quality of life, live with dignity and exercise self-determination.

Our grant programmes have already helped millions of people infected, affected or at risk of HIV/AIDS to receive medical and social care, food, training, housing, legal protection, counselling and emotional support. We have also enabled 150 million people from around the globe to access HIV/AIDS information.