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Sponsored Arts for Education (S.A.F.E)

Regions: Kenya

Category: Education Health

Tags: Whatever It Takes

Total Raised: $39,399

How have we helped?

$1,986 was raised by 21st Century Leaders from the sale of Whatever It Takes products.

Grants paid out by 3rd parties

21st Century Leaders introduced Daniel Craig & SAFE to The Funding Network London, resulting in S.A.F.E being chosen to make a 6 minute funding presentation by Daniel Craig on 2nd June 2009 to raise funds for S.A.F.E’s GHETTO Project.

About Sponsored Arts for Education (S.A.F.E)

Sponsored Arts for Education (S.A.F.E) aims to encourage the advancement of public education in the developing world using the arts, primarily theatre, as a way to communicate health education.  

Wherever possible, this will entail the sponsorship of existing local arts groups, as a means of disseminating vital health education information to the communities at large.

Whilst working mainly in Kenya, S.A.F.E recognizes the importance of culture to all communities world-wide.

S.A.F.E's mission is to use the power of theatre to educate, empower and mobilise individuals and communities to improve public health in the most deprived areas of Kenya.

S.A.F.E works with the best young Kenyan actors to provide education through large scale, world-class theatre tours which are accompanied by mobile health services and comprehensive community education. SAFE helps people to rethink their perceptions and talk openly about previously taboo public health issues.

In a non-judgmental and accessible way, their performances help to break down the barriers that stand between good health practice and wide-spread use of services.

About S.A.F.E GHETTO Project

The project was for S.A.F.E Ghetto’s work in Nairobi’s slums. The purpose of the funding was to increase skills amongst S.A.F.E staff to increase the educational scope of their activities, and to produce a piece of media that could be used to support health education.

S.A.F.E GHETTO began a tour of 22 schools in Nairobi and Central Province in June 2009, followed by an out-of-school youth tour in July and August 2009. It was estimated that 13,000 young people were involved in these tours. It was also estimated that a further 60,000 people were reached per year with the S.A.F.E GHETTO film and 45,000 with the new Forum Theatre pieces. All this has been made possible as a result of the support of The Funding Network.