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Rural Literacy & Health Programme

Regions: India

Category: Children Education Poverty Alleviation Health Human Justice

Total Raised: $1,201

How have we helped?

Supported by Whatever It Takes at the 21st Century Leaders Awards held in October 2009.

About Rural Literacy & Health Programme

RLHP are Committed to:

• Rights of homeless - their right to basic needs of food and shelter and against exploitation and discrimination. Also, to strive to improve the quality of life of the poor with income generation schemes, contributing to economic independence.
• Rights of women - their right to equality, economic independence and to ensure that they are protected from gender discrimination, exploitation and abuse.
• Rights of children - their right to nutritious food, health, education, play and to ensure that they get opportunities for proper physical, mental, emotional and intellectual growth.
• Right to health - Empowering people for building healthy communities, ensuring good sanitation and a healthy environment.
• Imparting non-formal education to the poor in the slums, and dispelling their ignorance so that they are no longer exploited and oppressed and therefore, regaining their rights to live with dignity.
• Care for the street children and to re-unite them with their families.
• Mobilizing public opinion and lobbying with the government for the eradication of child labour and ensuring fundamental right to education for all children.