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PONT - Pontypridd Overseas Networking Trust

Regions: Ghana Kenya Malawi Tanzania Uganda

Category: Children Education Poverty Alleviation Health

Total Raised: $1,201

How have we helped?

Supported by Whatever It Takes at the 21st Century Leaders Awards held in October 2009.

About PONT

PONT stands for Partnership Overseas Networking Trust. It has been set up to link the town of Pontypridd with a town in Uganda called Mbale.

The project aspires to link as many professionals and organizations in Pontypridd with their counterparts in Mbale. The purpose of this is to build a multitude of direct personal relationships between interested individuals and organizations with the express purpose of increasing the capacity and governance of individuals and organizations in Mbale to accept and distribute aid to the poorest communities. At the same time PONT believe the Ugandans have much to teach us about family and community values along with a rich cultural heritage, so the partnership is very much a two way link.

The aims of the projects are:

• Training and equipping village health workers to provide a basic primary health care service to every village, integrated with the Government service. PONT hope that this will be funded by Pontypridd GP's.
• To twin 4 primary and 8 secondary schools in Pontypridd area with similar schools in Mbale. PONT hope in future that every child in Pontypridd will grow up with a clear awareness of the problems facing their friends and contemporaries in Uganda.
• Supporting the multitude of Aid's orphans in Mbale so that they will receive a basic education, clothing and regular meals. PONT hope this will be supported through our churches.
• Providing mosquito nets to each family with small children to attempt to decrease the dreadful infant mortality - currently about 20% of under 5's in some villages.
• To link the Royal Glamorgan Hospital with Mbale District Hospital so that Pontypridd’s consultants can take used equipment over and train their doctors in using it.