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Nordoff Robbins

Regions: UK

Category: Children Education Health Music & Art

Total Raised: $53,117

How have we helped?

Grants paid out by 3rd parties

In April 2010, Nordoff Robbins invited 21st Century Leaders Foundation to the 15th anniversary of its Football Extravaganza. 21st Century Leaders took charity fundraiser James Johnstone to this event in order to raise funds. That evening James Johnstone raised £35,000 for Nordoff Robbins.

About Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins is the largest charity in the UK specialising in the transformative and communicative power of music.  Clap your hands. Tap your feet. Sing out loud. Dance or stomp. Shout or cry. We all react to music in different ways. But we all react. Because music has a universal power to reach us, touch us and make us feel different.

They provide and support a range of specialist services that encompass the depth and breadth of music, comprising music therapy services, music and health projects, and community music projects. Nordoff Robbins practitioners provide services in arts, health, education and social care sectors, working with people of all ages who are in need, from the cradle to the grave.