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Mahadeva Suwamigal Children's Home

Regions: Sri Lanka

Category: Children Education

Total Raised: $236


 How have we helped?

 21st Century Leaders helped Kat & David Knight reach their collection goal as they raised money for both the Mahadeva Suwamigal Children's Home & the Marie Curie Cancer Charity by climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro. Money raised would go to the construction of a new Study Hall and educational, recreational resources that they so desperately need. The intention is to deliver funds or items collected personally so you can be assured that they reach the home directly.





About Mahadeva Suwamigal Children's Home

 Mahadeva Suwamigal Children's Home goal is to create a younger generation who will abide by an excellent moral character and conduct and show affection to our mother tongue and motherland, by imparting them various types of vocational and other suitable practical training through adoption of the latest innovations and modern technology