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Kaloko Trust

Regions: Zambia

Category: Children Education

Tags: Whatever It Takes

Total Raised: $114,007

How have we helped?

$15,492 of
funds were raised by 21st Century Leaders from the sale of Whatever It Takes products.

Funds raised supported the Kandulwe community in rural Zambia to run a community school for 160 of their children. Before funding the school consisted of 2 derelict rooms without proper roofs.  With the funding Kaloko Trust built 2 permanent classrooms and 2 houses, improving the facilities and teaching and allowing them to apply for government-funded teachers.

In subsequent years the school went on to achieve the best national results average in Zambia, despite being a remote community school in the far North of Zambia as better school facilities attracted better teachers and encouraged students to attend school regularly.

Grants paid out by 3rd parties

Trade plus Aid has been assisting the Kaloko Trust since 1996. The Kaloko Trust is a successful organisation working since 1989 to alleviate poverty in Luansobe, a remote rural area of the Zambian Copperbelt. Kaloko serves one of the poorest rural areas in Southern Africa and its programmes affect the daily lives of some 15,000 people. Originally there was no school area but twelve years ago, believing that no lasting progress can be made without education, Kaloko built a primary school which now educates 700 pupils. In 2000, even before we started Whatever It Takes, Trade plus Ad made a donation to support children who graduated from the primary school to achieve higher education. In 2002, the annual cost of running the Luansobe School was $52,500.

Charlotte discovered that Kaloko particularly needed help in enabling those who have passed their grade seven exam to continue in secondary school, until they reach twelfth grade. Trade plus Aid then agreed to funding to help meet these costs.

From 2002 to 2007 Trade plus Aid donated a total of $15,492 from Whatever It Takes sale of products and also found $98,515 for Kaloko for an anonymous corporate donor in London. Charlotte di Vita says, “The community is very poor and it is very difficult for parents to keep their children in school after the age of 14. This is particularly so with girls who are of marriageable age or expected to stay at home to look after younger brothers and sisters, care for sick relatives or to work in the fields. Kaloko makes a big effort to keep girls at secondary school. They need these further years to secure their education. A true saying is “if you educate a man you educate one person. If you educate a woman you educate a family”.

The Kaloko Trust has received more than $98,515 (£13,517 to Kaloko Trust  in 2008, £40,579 in 2009 and £9,000 in 2010) from an anonymous corporate donor, initially introduced to Charlotte di Vita MBE by HRH Princess Anne. 21st Century Leaders recommended Kaloko Trust for funding and arranged the meeting between them, which led to a long term commitment of funding. This commitment has continued for additional years, however from 2011 onwards the donor would not allow Kaloko Trust to share funding totals with anyone.

About Kaloko Trust

Kaloko Trust UK was established in 1995 and works to improve the lives of communities in rural Zambia. They do this by working with their local partner organisation Kaloko Trust Zambia, to develop agriculture and income generation - through self-help projects - and by promoting the environmentally sustainable use of natural resources. From this basis, the Trust works to advance education and to promote the healthcare of rural communities through the development and support of a training centre, schools and health clinics.

Their programmes cover such areas as agricultural development, including food security; sustainable natural resource management, including water; health and education projects, including HIV/AIDS initiatives; local enterprise development. Since Zambian women bear most of the burden of family food security and household chores in rural areas, Kaloko Trust has an equal opportunities policy in all sectors and at all levels of its projects.