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Ekal Vidylaya

Regions: India

Category: Children Education

Total Raised: $10,950

How have we helped?

The funds were raised by 21st Century Leaders, from the sale of Whatever It Takes products and funded the establishment of 10 new village schools. The contribution of 10 schools, will facilitate providing around 300 poor children with free education for the academic years 2013-15, empowering 10 villages in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

About Ekal Vidylaya

Ekal Vidylaya Foundation of India (EVFI) – A people’s movement to empower rural India

Ekal Vidyalaya means One teacher – one school.

The concept is unique and has a presence in 22 states of India. EVFI is a tax exempt, registered charitable trust.

The main objectives of EVFI are: to provide basic education (reading, writing, and arithmetic), health care education, development and empowerment education.

The NGO is aiming to eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal India. From one school in 1986, presently there are nearly 35, 151 schools benefiting nearly a million children. The teaching is done like the ‘guru kul system’ -  under a large tree or in a  hut, in the village and it costs only  one US dollar a day which is around Indian Rupees 16,000 to run a school for one year – a school has around 30 students. There are no fixed costs and many volunteers who are passionate about the cause. Many all over the world are supporting the noble cause.