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Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organisation (BERDO)

Regions: Bangladesh

Category: Children Education Poverty Alleviation Health Improving Working Conditions

Total Raised: $1,400

Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organisation (BERDO)


How have we helped?


The funds were raised by 21st Century Leaders, from the sale of Whatever It Takes products.


In Bangladesh, around 50,000 children are visually impaired or completely blind, most of who are from poor families. Their economic and social situation means that these children are often forced to beg for money. Gaining an education would enable the children to work towards a better life, however, many communities lack schooling support for the visually impaired. BERDO is working towards addressing this problem through its two centres located in Dhaka and Madaripur.


These two centres, each with a school and hostel, include lodging, food, medical checkups, counseling support, education, sports and cultural activities- providing complete care for more than 100 children who are supported in the centres


Grants paid out by 3rd parties


$1200 has been donated through a GlobalGiving campaign resulting in an additional 3x initial donation fund match from GlobalGiving.


About Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organisation (BERDO)


The Mission Statement Of Blind Education And 

Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO) is to rehabilitate the people with disabilities in the community by supporting income generation, education, training and treatment facilities, and enabling the visually impaired to integrate into the social main-stream.  

BERDO was formed on July 17th, 1991 with the goal of uplifting the disabled community of Bangladesh.  


BERDO empowers people with disabilities through income generation, leadership development, education, training and treatment facilities to become full members of their community. 


BERDO also runs programmes that aim to increase public awareness of disability issues, facilitate partnerships between disabled and non-disabled members of the community, and disability prevention through medical treatment.


Supported in 2016 & 2017 | Total donated= $1400