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Dubai Health Authority

Regions: UAE

Category: Health

Total Raised: $12,483

How have we helped? 

In 2013 & 2015 21st Century Leaders funded the Dubai Hospital's ITP programme in support of Emily Garcia who has worked  as an office assistant at the 21st Century Leaders Foundation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi since 1st November 2011.



About Dubai Health Authority

The DHA’s aim in Dubai is to provide an accessible, effective and integrated healthcare system, protect public health and improve the quality of life within the Emirate. This is a direct translation of the objectives of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Keeping the strategic plan in mind, the DHA’s mission is to ensure access to health services, maintain and improve the quality of these services, improve the health status of nationals, residents and visitors and oversee a dynamic, efficient and innovative health sector.

The major development witnessed in Dubai since the mid 1970s, and its consequent growth in population, resulted in DOHMS decision to build a specialized hospital in 1977. Hence, by March 1983 the Dubai Hospital began admitting patients - augmenting the medical services offered.The hospital comprises numerous specialized departments and clinics, one of which is the cardiology center, which is a quality transformation in the services the department offers in this field