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Regions: Angola

Category: Disaster Relief

Tags: Whatever It Takes

Total Raised: $23,939

How have we helped?

The funds were raised by 21st Century Leaders, from the sale of Whatever It Takes products.

The funds raised by 21st Century Leaders, were specifically used for their Angola programme.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established in 1950 to lead and coordinate international action for the world-wide protection of refugees and the resolution of refugee problems.

The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its main objective is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees by providing food, medical aid and shelter.

It strives to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country.

UNHCR also works in partnership with governments, regional organisations and national & international organisations to help create conditions which are conducive to the protection of human rights and the peaceful resolution of disputes.

In more than five decades, the agency has helped people restart their lives. Today, a staff of some 6,600 people in more than 110 countries continues to help about 34 million persons.