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Virlanie Foundation

Regions: Philippines

Category: Children

Total Raised: $250

How have we helped?

With 21st Century Leaders’ donation, Lara Parpan—a freelance editor/ writer and avid triathlete from the Philippines and a longtime supporter of the Virlanie Foundation, a child care institution in Manila— got closer to her $6,000 goal as she finished her first Ironman, a race involving a 3.8k swim, a 180k bike, and a 42k run, to raise much-needed funds for the abandoned children in Virlanie’s care.

About Virlanie Foundation

Virlanie Foundation was established in 1992 by Dominique Lemay, a French social worker, with the help of his Filipino friends.

Virlanie cares for children in need of special protection - those who are among the poorest of the poor, the abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, and orphaned.


Through its various programs and services, the foundation strives to build a better future for these children by “giving back their smiles.”


Virlanie has various programs to respond to the needs of the children living in the Foundation, in the streets, and those living in the Virlanie supported communities.