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NestWerk e.V.

Regions: Germany

Category: Children

Total Raised: $10,951

How have we helped?

In September 2013, 21st Century Leaders funded NestWerk e.V. from its Whatever It Takes licensing revenue generated by 21st Century Leaders' previous German master licensee. NestWerk e.V. in Hamburg invited 21st Century Leaders to purchase 2 auction prizes at their "Night of the Legends" event for €3,600. 21st Century Leaders then resold these auction prizes in partnership with the master licensee to raise a further €3,600. In addition, 21CL donated a limited edition auction prize which raised a further €1,000, making a total raised of €8,200. ($10,951)


About NestWerk e.V.

Young people need freedom to test themselves but often lack such opportunities precisely where it is most needed; in the satellite towns and the so-called problem metropolitan areas. Between dilapidated schools and unemployed parents, everyday life is without perspective. Some turn to violence, alcohol and drugs to escape the emptiness. Many young people are bored and want to hang out, especially in the evenings and on weekends. Things such as cinema, disco
or gym are usually too expensive.

TWe want to change that - with free sports and things to do on site, open to all. We were established in 1999. Nest eV, as a private initiative of friends. It all started with "The Hall" - a simple idea: We open gyms at times when they are not being used - ie evenings, weekends and holidays. Sports Educational trained experts are available to young people on the side.

We organize street football tournaments, getting th youth back on the street in the right way. Here they learn teamwork and fairness. We support the Jamliner - decommissioned buses as a mobile recording studio in which young people try and express themselves with the help of music. And we advise school leavers individually, actively support them in their search for an apprenticeship. In "Discovering Water" School children get an additional swimming Promotion - so they increase their self-confidence. In the leisure project "Let's go!" Young people and children have the opportunity to discover Hamburg.