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Associacao Saude Crianca

Regions: Brazil

Category: Children Health

Total Raised: $6,450

How have we helped?

21st Century Leaders asked HM Juan Carlos King of Spain to kindly donate an auction prize, at the Saúde Criança Renascer Gala Dinner held at The Governor's Palace in Rio di Janeiro in August 2008. This auction prize fetched R$30,000 (Brazilian Reals) at auction. 50% of the funds raised went to Saúde Criança Renascer and 50% went to Pro Natura for its work in Brazil. Click here for press from the event.

About Saúde Criança Renascer

The Associação Saúde Criança (ASC) was founded in 1991 by Dr. Vera Cordeiro - General Practice, specialized in Psychosomatic Medicine. It is a non - governmental, non-profit, non-political and non - religious organisation.

The constant admission/re-admission cycle of children treated at the Hospital da Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro - who were released without having the necessary structure to continue their treatment at home - was cause for indignation among the health professionals in the hospital. Many children were re-admitted to the hospital in a more serious condition, sometimes leading to death. This scenario brought together doctors, nurses, and members of the civil society who decided to create this association.

Saúde Criança's main objective is to restructure the families of those children, giving them means to achieve self-sustainability. In order to do so, a Plano de Ação Familiar - Family Action Plan (PAF) is developed. It includes five major areas: health, income, housing, education, and citizenship.

Nowadays, Saúde Criança works with the vital support of around 140 volunteers and over 38 employees who care for 250 families and 850 children and adolescents.

"Our dream is to see this action being reproduced throughout all public hospitals in Brazil. And, ideally, in all the areas of the world where this kind of problem occurs."

Vera Cordeiro - Founder of Saúde Criança